Density gradient
Jet fluid (passive scalar)
LES of jet mixing
in supersonic crossflows
Kawai & Lele, AIAA J. 2010

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Welcome to Kawai Laboratory at Tohoku University

Welcome to Kawai Laboratory (Aerodynamic Design Research Group) at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University.
Our research draws from theoretical analysis, computational physics, data science, and high-performance computing to develop novel high-fidelity numerical simulation techniques for uncovering the fundamental flow physics underlying complex compressible, multi-scale and multi-physics flows in aerospace engineering and also for next-generation aircraft aerodynamic design tools. Our research interests broadly include in the fields of fluid mechanics, with an emphasis on compressible flow, turbulence, shock waves, mixing and combustion, high-fidelity numerical methods, physical modeling, machine learning, uncertainty quantification, and other related topics in the aerospace engineering. Details of the on-going and past research topics are in Research.

Compressible flow physics and computational engineering in the Kawai Laboratory

What's New

Prof. Pecnik at TU Delft stayed at Kawai Laboratory for two months. We have extensively worked on analyzing the DNS database of heated and cooled turbulent boundary layers to understand the law of the wall.
Kawai Laboratory newly takes charge of the Aerodynamic Design Research Unit, at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University.
Prof. Pecnik at TU Delft and Kawai visit JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center and give a seminar talk. JAXA organizes facility tour for us to see the wind tunnels and supercomputer.
Prof. Pecnik at TU Delft and Kawai visit Prof. Suga's Heat Transfer Lab. at Osaka Prefecture University and give a seminar talk.
Prof. Pecnik at TU Delft is visiting our laboratory with the support of the JSPS Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan and gives a seminar talk at the TU Next Seminar in Applied Mechanics and Computational Engineering(AMCE), Center for Next Generation Aircraft Research, Tohoku University.
Kuya(Assis. Prof.), Tamaki(PD), Hirai(M2), and Kamogawa(M1) from our laboratory present at the JSASS fluid dynamics conference at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
Check out our new papers "A Kriging-based dynamic adaptive sampling method for uncertainty quantification" and "A simple and cellwise high-order implicit discontinuous Galerkin scheme for unsteady turbulent flows" Heated transcritical and unheated non-transcritical turbulent boundary layers at supercritical pressures published in Trans. of JSASS.
Welcome to 4 new graduate students! The new academic year began.
Our research proposal, "Physics and modeling of Reynolds number effects on separated turbulent boundary layers" was awarded computational time under K-computer HPCI system research project by the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science.
Congratulations to Mr. Kamogawa for receiving the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences Student Award for the achievements during his Bachelor course!
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