Density gradient
Jet fluid (passive scalar)
LES of jet mixing
in supersonic crossflows
Kawai & Lele, AIAA J. 2010

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Welcome to Kawai-Asada Laboratory
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Welcome to Kawai Laboratory (Aerodynamic Design Research Group) at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University.
Our research draws from theoretical analysis, computational physics, data science, and high-performance computing to develop novel high-fidelity numerical simulation techniques for uncovering the fundamental flow physics underlying complex compressible, multi-scale and, multi-physics flows in aerospace engineering and also for developing next-generation aircraft aerodynamic design tools. Our research interests broadly include in the fields of fluid mechanics, with an emphasis on compressible flow, turbulence, shock waves, mixing and combustion, high-fidelity numerical methods, physical modeling, machine learning, uncertainty quantification, and other related topics in the aerospace engineering. Details of the on-going and past research topics are in Research.
Our group is also working on MEXT Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer Fugaku, Research toward DX in aircraft development led by digital flight. Using the supercomputer Fugaku, this research demonstrates the aircraft digital flight using high-fidelity simulation and data-driven science. In collaboration with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, we also promote innovative DX in the future aircraft design process and apply the results of this research to a wide range of industrial products.

Compressible flow physics and computational engineering in the Kawai Laboratory

What's New

Kawai visited Prof. Yang at Pennsylvania State University and gave a seminar talk at the Special Fluid Dynamics Research Consortium.
Kawai was invited to give a talk at The Penn Institute for Computational Science's colloquium series at the University of Pennsylvania.
Check out our new paper, "Wall-modeled LES of transonic buffet over NASA-CRM using FFVHC-ACE," published in AIAA Journal. This paper develops a KEEP/shock-capturing hybrid scheme and predicts transonic buffets over NASA-CRM aircraft using FFVHC-ACE.
Welcome two Ph.D. students and eight master students joined our group! people in our group. The 2024 fiscal year has begun.
Congratulations to Maejima for receiving the JSME Miura Award and to Itsui for receiving the JSASS Student Award!
Congratulations! Four students completed the master's course, and four students completed the bachelor's course.
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